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Customer satisfaction is the driving consideration that determines our company's quality policy. Its principle is the fulfillment of the customer's expectations to their complete satisfaction. We are committed to achieving an optimal customer satisfaction level under the observation of the applicable legislative provisions. The organization directs Individual and company-level efforts towards quality assurance to generate competitive value for the products and services we supply.

All our business and activities are conducted in a way that is fair, dependable, and compliant with the laws in Israel and abroad, as well as the internationally accepted rules of proper business conduct. This obligation affects all employees; each is individually bound to act reasonably with integrity and sincerity towards all involved parties, whether they are customers, suppliers, or else.

The organization invests in the resources necessary to achieve the goals of its quality policy. Investments pertain to the quality of materials and components, as well as the efficiency of service, installation and maintenance processes. The ongoing development of human resources and a productive work environment that guarantees safe, healthy, and pleasant conditions to motivate creativity and enhance productivity while preventing conflict or discrimination are another area of investment.

We support our employees in expanding their professional skills, abilities, and expertise. Ongoing education and specific training are part of the company's efforts to achieve excellence and continuous improvement. These apply to the company's managers and employees alike and are valid on a personal and organizational level. 

Each company manager is responsible for:

  • The instruction of each employee in the department regarding their responsibilities while emphasizing the importance of quality and excellence.

  • The actuation of measures for improvement in areas under his supervision.

  • The implementation of our quality policy.

  • The establishment and accomplishment of the department's goals.


It is the responsibility of each employee to:

  • Perform their job with excellence and thus reduce the need for extensive auditing and examination.

  • Be aware of and comprehend the expectations of the customers, whether internal or external, and work to fulfill them.

  • Report any anomaly in real-time.

  • Initiate innovative processes that increase the efficiency of the work process.

  • Adhere to all laws and regulations and the ethical code rules as an integral part.

  • Maintain an orderly, pleasant, and safe work environment across all operations.


All things considered, the management is aware that it is human nature to occasionally err and perform less than excellent when carrying out one's duty or assignment. Employees are encouraged to report any discrepancy to help reduce the causes leading to potential human errors.

Our employees are certified to IPC610&IPC620 standards and all our company is certified to ISO 9001:2015 and AS 9100 D standards.

Starting in 2023, the company is also certified to the ISO 13485 standard.

We believe implementing our effective management method relying on transparent processes that enable prevention, measurement, and control, combined with assuming personal responsibility, result in high-quality products and services. Our method's cornerstones are our human values incorporating individual and collaborative professionalism, excellence, innovation, and continuous learning.

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Quality Equipment

Pull Testers

Pull testers.jpg
Pull testers2.jpg

Network Analyzer 50 GHz

Network Analyzer 50 GHz.png

Cable Test Machine

Cable test machine.jpg

Manufacturing Equipment 

PICO Processing Tool

PICO processing tool.png


Cutting & Stripping

Automatic cutting & Stripping.png

Automatic Stripping

Automatic Stripping.png

Automatic Crimping

Automatic crimping.jpg
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