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FTK Solutions provides high-level electronics manufacturing services (EMS) from start to finish. We specialize in providing full turnkey solutions tailored to our customers' needs, starting with product design and engineering through production to ongoing supply.

Our clientele includes several military branches and Hi-Tech companies. We also provide individual international contractors with the complete range of our turnkey solutions and supply chain management.


FTKs services are based on expert knowledge and capabilities in electro-mechanical design, engineering, production, and materials design. We’ve gained vast experience in procurement and logistics and built a network of reputable connections to ensure continuity.

Our lean management concept helps improve internal processes for our clients and enables them to cut costs and maximize profit.

What drives us is the commitment to providing our customers with the highest standards of quality. Our primary focus is on customer satisfaction, and we direct our efforts and resources towards meeting the customer's requirements. Our principles include efficient support, responsiveness, flexibility, and reliability when it comes to meeting deadlines, quality standards, and performance goals.

This approach allows FTK Solutions to establish long term business relationships and true partnerships with clients based on a mutual understanding of general and specific operational needs.

We believe the key to our success lies in the balance of providing top tier quality and value for money. Applying our expertise to a custom solution for your business is what ensures excellent results for your operations on every level.


The founder of FTK solutions, Arie Kahlon (BA), brings 30 years of experience in the industry to the company. Arie has held several high-level positions in companies such as HP and Scitex and served as Supply Chain Director at Orbit Technologies.

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